Welcoming A New Baby

An online parenting class which guides you through the first three months of your baby’s life

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Parenting With Confidence

We recommend that you take this class just before you deliver or in the first week post delivery. What does the class cover?
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Bringing a new baby home is exciting and at the same time, very scary. You suddenly feel that you are completely responsible for this little being who can only communicate by crying - a language you do not understand and you have to deal with so much well meaning but unsolicited advice. With this curated bundle and its query resolution forums, I will be your guide as you navigate the first few weeks of welcoming your newborn.

What Makes This Bundle Special?

Combining expertise with personalization.

Research & Evidence Based

Feel confident that you’re using strategies affirmed by peer-reviewed research, pediatricians, and experts worldwide. 

Emotionally Connected

You will work with a dedicated parenting coach who will hand hold you through the journey.


You can seek personalised diet charts, breastfeeding tips and much more to ensure that you get the best out of the program

Easy To Use

You can access the content on your own time. We use WhatsApp to connect you and the coach, thus ensuring easy communication and no unnecessary downloads.

Simple Pricing

Welcoming A New Baby

Common Questions

If you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy or have just had your baby then YES.
If you still have some time to deliver, then you can look at our Bump to Baby program which is a comprehensive pregnancy, birth and new baby program. If you have an older baby then take a look at the Early Years program which tackles the period from birth to one year of age.

You will have access to the video content for 6 months from the date of registration.

No, the course can only be viewed online through our website.

No, we work through our website and WhatsApp for all communications.

You will be assigned a dedicated parenting coach who will be available via your a WhatsApp New Born group as well as on private chat for questions.
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